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April 23, 2014
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Please click here for a notice about support plan changes.

Changes to Technical Support

As of August 1st, 2009 the BSI Support Ticket system will only be available for customers who have a valid support plan. You will need to enter a valid support plan customer ID in order to get a response.

If you do not have a plan you can purchase a support plan by clicking this link. Support covers issues relating to the software. Support plans will not cover training questions. Phone training can be purchased for $99 an hour by calling the sales office at 888-274-8721. Always read the manual or check the FAQs first.

The BSI user forum will remain open for people who do not have a plan as well as the BSI FAQ page. Please check the FAQs for the most asked support questions.

Full Name:
Email Address:
Customer ID or BSI Invoice #: (from August 1st 2009, a valid tech support plan is required for use of the Support Ticket system)
You can find your BSI Customer ID by going to Help > Register or if you have purchased directly from BSI, the number is the same as your invoice number.
Type of Incident (default BSI Support):
Brief Description: (used as a subject line to identify this support incident)
Full Details: (please include full details, including complete steps to reproduce any problem)
Captcha Code: Enter the numerical code shown in the image at right to verify your submission.
Sending Files: If you need to send a file or image to tech support, please request details of our FTP server from a BSI Technician.
Email notification When you click Create Ticket below we will immediately send you an email with details of your support ticket. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder and check this page for further assistace.

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